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Vacuum Breaker Valves

The Model VB Vacuum Breaker Valve provides a simple, dependable means to relieve unwanted vacuum which may develop in a closed piping system or vessel.

Vacuum Breaker
Vacuum Breaker


Some fuel oil loop systems can develop a siphoning effect caused by fuel oil returning to a fuel oil storage tank from a non-vented fuel oil supply header.  The valve installs directly into the riser line located at the lowest pressure point of the fuel oil return line and admits air before oil can begin to be siphoned.


The Model VB assembly consists of a brass body with threaded ends, stainless steel ball and EPN “O” ring seat.  The successful combination of spring action, round ball and a soft resilient seat provides positive bubble-tight closing, even at very low differential pressure.  And, of course, the higher the pressure the tighter the seal.  The device is suitable for pressures up to 300 PSIG and 365° F and opens to relieve unwanted pressure with less than 2” Hg.


  • Relieves Unwanted Vacuum
  • Brass Body
  • Suitable For Pressures Up To 300 PSIG And 365° F


Furnish and install a Vacuum Breaker Valve into a riser line as shown on the contract drawings.  The valve shall prevent excessive vacuums that can disrupt fuel system operation or damage equipment.  The valve shall automatically open to admit air when an unwanted vacuum develops.  Provide and install a Preferred Standard Vent Protector to prevent water and debris form entering the riser   The valve shall be a Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation Danbury, CT, Model VB Vacuum Breaker Valve.